State Director

Maxine Collier


Phone: (330)626-3865


WALK INs Are welcome 1 HOUR before any SQUAD.

2015 State Tournament

  • Medals or Certificates are awarded to 1 out of every 5 entries and Scholarships are awarded to 1 out of every 10 entries. Those individuals qualifying for an award will be receiving an invitation to our Annual Awards Banquet in August.
  • Scratch Winners receive extra scholarships!
  •  OSUSBC Youth Tournament Rules Regulations2014-2015-2.pdf




Region 2015 Region Rules & Entry Forms + Results


State 2015 Official Results
Discrepancies should be reported to State Director above
Scholarship amounts listed after team and doubles represent the total scholarship for all of the bowlers on the team or doubles pair.
Note: .  In the singles event, an eligible bowler will only be awarded one scholarship, based on highest placement, regardless of the number of times entered.
All other extra single scores that were bowled are placed at the end of each Division. Also all Scholarships have been rounded to the nearest $5 to be sent to Smart.



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